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The situation

A specialist financial services software business in Southern Europe faced a critical juncture when its owners neared retirement and had no clear succession plan. After 30 years of operation, the business needed to seek new investment to ensure its continued growth.

Enter Upliift – the right investment partner at the right time

Permanent equity provider Upliift entered the scene at just the right time. After an initial conversation with Upliift’s local team, the company’s leadership team was quickly impressed with its collaborative approach, desire to find solutions to questions, and transparency in its processes and goals for acquisition.

The company’s senior leadership also appreciated Upliift’s emphasis on building personal relationships from the outset.

“We felt we could do something special together. Upliift was interested in more than just the company and its numbers. There was a real human factor where we built personal relationships and trust with each other along every step of the journey.”


While other forms of investment look to exit in just a few years, Upliift’s model is different. Its permanent equity approach is about achieving a strong return and maximum growth for the business in the long term. Unlike private equity and venture capital, permanent equity has no investment horizon. 

This is what mattered to the company, which wanted to protect its 30-year legacy. It wanted a partner that shared its vision and commitment to long-term growth through innovation and operational excellence.   

“Our future would not be possible with VC funding. We needed a partner that shared our long-term aspirations – and we have this with Upliift.”

Upliift made the potentially complex acquisition process very simple. It was prepared to close in just nine weeks but was happy to adapt to a pace the company was comfortable with. It took a little over six months from the initial conversations to closing the deal.  


With the company’s future now secure, employees and customers alike feel reassured. It continues to close sales, while its staff can count on continued employment and growth.

Upliift shared our long-term vision, which is a real benefit to staff. They feel safe in their roles; we know we have a long path together. This is important for stability and internal relationships in the company.”

The future  

Now, with an eye on the future, the company is offering increasingly innovative services. It continues its commitment to meeting its clients’ evolving needs and driving sustained long-term growth.  

Names and some details have been redacted to protect the privacy of our companies and their founders and CEOs. If you would like to hear their stories first-hand, please contact our team

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